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Two Big Property Management Companies You Should Consider If You Come to University Of Chicago.
October 6th, 2016 2:04 PM

University of Chicago located in both Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods. The two neighborhoods have a long history.

The history of Hyde Park can be trace back to 1850s. During two decades, this area has become a stable and popular place to live.

One reason to explain its popularity is that University of Chicago located here. The range of this area is north to 51st St, south to 60th St, west to Washington Park and east to Lake Michigan. Hyde Park has been considered as the forth-lowest crime rates community in Chicago, which makes it a relatively safe place to live. Lake Shore Drive goes through this neighborhood, which is also a safe and beautiful place to enjoy the lake view.

Taking both bus and train will take you directly arrive at downtown from Hyde Park.

Kenwood located in the north side of Hyde Park. It is also considered as Hyde-Kenwood community as southern part of Kenwood also belongs to Hyde Park community. Kenwood used to be very affluent, and it still has some largest single-family homes through the whole city.

Regent Park and TLC are two big organizations that provide good quality apartment for residents.


Regent Park


Regent Park is one of the best living place in Hyde Park, which belongs to the company Mac Property, it provide luxury living experience and excellent service for its residents. Lake and city views may be considered as the most popular part of this apartment. Because its excellent location that inside the university neighborhood, many undergraduates and graduates live in this area, which make this area much safer for living. Price for one bedroom is around $1,500 per month.


TLC Management Co,

Unlike Regent Park, TLC is a property management company that operates many properties throughout the city. They do not only focus on Hyde Park and Kenwood, but within this neighborhood you may find many different type of properties under its company list. If you do not want to buy furniture and decorate the house, the company also has many furnished apartment for choosing. The price may more various compared with Regent Park, as the apartment types are more diverse and you can find some cheaper apartment than that of Regent Park.


Besides these two options, students also choose many other apartments to live from some small property management company. But those two big companies are good options in your list for consideration. 

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