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The look, sound, feel, smell and taste of a home sale
August 3rd, 2015 10:00 AM


Appraising a More “Sensible” Sale When Listing Your Home

It is a staple of creative writing classes, where a student has turned in a story that’s short on some of the descriptive details, the instructor will sometimes say, “You have given us something to see, but what about our other four senses?  Can you tell us how things feel -- how they smell, taste and sound?

Well in the appraisal business, your sensible folks at Pahroo Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy have found that the five senses also come into play when bringing a property properly to market. 

We’ve got eyes on it.

Every sale might start with the widely known “curb appeal,” and we can all visualize what properties look like thanks to the Internet’s ability to deliver photo montages of properties – virtual walk-throughs – but there’s a lot more to the sales story than just being easy on the eyes.

Do you hear what I hear?

The next sense to become involved when approaching a home for sale is the audio.  Shoppers are either going to notice how quiet the lot and neighborhood is, or make negative remarks about the freeway sound you can hear wafting through the trees, or shrink in horror at the teenage nihilist spasm band rehearsing in the garage. Every property has an audio signature, and it’s wise to deal with it. Give the yapping dog down the street a giant bone to gnaw on for a while. Send the noisy neighbors free movie tickets for the afternoon. Or more intelligently, put up bushes or fences that muffle sounds.

Do we even want to mention “smell”?

If your house has any sort of fragrance at all, you need to appraise it, evaluate and address it. Is it possible to just air a place out? Not after 20 years of cigar smoking! But each situation differs, so go after the source of aromas, don’t try to over-perfume the air to compensate. There are things that look good and help the air, such as bowls of apples, or a jar of freshly baked cookies.

How does it feel?

The feeling a house captures and conveys is a reality. Like the three bears, you want yours to feel just right. You want appealing, decorative “touches” everywhere. At all costs, and we mean that literally, avoid “Don’t Touch!” warning signs like plastic covers on the furniture (a complete and utter no no.) Try to make your home as “inviting” as you can. An inviting home will call you over, welcome you in, make you feel comfortable, physically, visually and even emotionally. If it’s too hot, crank up the AC. If it’s too cold, turn up the heat. “Getting comfort just right makes an asking price more bearable,” agrees Goldilocks, one of our top appraisers.  

Show your good taste

Just as we don’t want to bowl people over with the strength of our perfume or cologne, so it goes with presenting your home to the world. It will literally pay to in higher valuation to get your place straightened out. Your biggest blind spot will probably be toward de-cluttering your own stuff. On days when you’ll be showing the house, pick up as if you were going on a trip and wanted to go home to a nice, clean hacienda. That attitude may help you clean up with a higher asking price.

And there you have it, at least that’s the way we appraise it as the dollars and sense way to get more for your sale.

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