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The Effect of Mobile Apps on Real Estate
July 29th, 2015 12:25 PM

The Effect of Mobile Apps on Real Estate

The widespread popularization of mobile devices and applications has lead the advancement and disruption of many industries, including Real Estate. The landscape is being transformed by these digital tools, which are available to any home buyers, renters, or sellers on the market today.

A plethora of benefits are accessible through seemingly thousands of mobile apps, each playing their own unique role (some more helpful than others). Some apps make it easier for families to pinpoint their dream home, some help realtors remain informed of their home-buyers needs,  and others allow renovation companies to search a home for problems.

The influence of these apps is far reaching and nuanced, but to us, there are three clear effects: house hunting is made easier, homeowners become more proactive, and information is more readily available to all.

House Hunting Made Easy

Having become standard among millennials, as well as tech savvy home-buyers and renters, apps like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin make the search for a home much more efficient. A large amount of apps like this exist, but the effective ones will make it very easy to search for homes or apartments by keyword, price, points of interest, etc. Some of them even allow you to utilize GPS in order to discover what is on the market around your current location.

As someone who is constantly on the go, whether commuting to work, jogging around the neighborhood, or grabbing a drink with friends, these search tools will provide a previously un-matched level of mobility to your quest for a dream home.

Rise of the Proactive Consumer

The easily accessible wealth of information distributed through mobile applications is leading to heightened expectations on behalf of the consumer, who want to remain privy to timely and accurate information. Being that all of this information is very easy to gather in a swift manner, the demand for realtors that can keep up is higher than ever.

Potential buyers are arriving to initial consultations armed with research already complete, and a fairly detailed knowledge of what they are looking for. Overall this leads to decisions being made much more rapidly, sparing no expense for the

unprepared. With mobile apps making themselves a staple of the real estate experience, we will continue to see proactive consumers drive the process in which homes are found and sold.

Widespread Wealth of Knowledge Expands

Mobile apps are not only equipping home buyers and renters with the knowledge and tools they need to find their perfect home; realtors, construction companies, and green building professionals are all witnessing a rise in accessible knowledge and

relevant tools.

Not only are realtors accessing the same apps as their customers, innovative agencies are developing their own apps in order to effectively manage their customer’s search. By plugging into a collaborative mobile system with clients, realtors are seeing information distribute instantaneously, effectively increasing the knowledge of all parties involved.

Additionally, companies that handle construction and renovations are seeing drastic improvements to their ability to access tools and data. There are apps that handle task management, LEED exam prep, or will even use infrared technology in order to scan homes for problems. All of these rapidly advancing applications are leading to a widespread growth of knowledge within the real estate industry as a whole.

In Conclusion

Mobile apps are most certainly here to stay, and the benefits are being made abundantly clear to those home buyers and sellers that use them. Technology will always be leveraged in order to make consumer processes easier. Although many realtors or construction companies may see this advancement of technology as a threat, there will always be room for their expertise. An informed consumer will make the life of a great seller much easier by creating room for process innovation, bypassing redundancies, and limiting wasted time.

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