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Spring Home Buying Tips
March 26th, 2015 10:06 AM

Spring Home Buying Tips Chinese Version

Spring home buying season is officially upon us, and in order to shed some light on this exciting and meaningful season, here are our essential tips to consider when entering the market.

Informed Perspective of Values and Trends

It is essential that before diving headfirst into the waters of real estate, that future homeowners educate themselves. Every housing market is different, and thus there is a certain amount of research and information needed in order to asses your opportunities within each neighborhood.

Additionally, educated buyers are presented with the inherent advantage of understanding market values, and like so, knowing the the correct decision in any given situation.

With the tools provided through technology, the information is out there for any individual entering the market today. Despite the fact that it is easier to educate yourself than ever before, we would not advise anyone who is looking for a new home, to do so without a skilled local realtor.

Work with a Skilled Local Realtor

In a recent conversation with Keller Williams realtor Dave Nimick, he said “Great realtors bring value not just in providing information, today people can find that anywhere. Realtors separate themselves by expertly interpreting the information and the local market, as well as by negotiating on behalf of their clients with an informed perspective of trends, market climate, and neighborhood history.”

There are so many advantages provided by having the right person on your team, including the inherent ability to make the entire home buying process easier. When we spoke with Dave, he suggested that anyone looking for the right realtor should reach out to friends and acquaintances for a referral. Additionally, it is important to look into the track record and experience of the realtor you are considering.

Timing & Low Mortgage Rates

Timing is everything, and now is an excellent time to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. These rates are not likely to remain low, as many industry professionals (including our own) are predicting their rise as early as summer. To many, this is all the more reason to stay alert and move swiftly if the right home presents itself.

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