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Setting the stage for a fast home sale (Part Uno)
August 3rd, 2015 11:34 AM


15 Staging Tips you’ll Appraise as Quick, Easy, Cheap and Awesome

                YES                            NO (AND THEN SOME)



It’s not exactly Spring yet, but it won’t be too long (we hope), before the sun parts the gloom, lilacs bloom and home buyers poke their heads up looking for a new nest to harbor their hatchlings, a.k.a. kiddies . Want that home to be yours? You can make it happen and it doesn’t have to cost your entire nest egg—at least that’s how professional realtors and appraisers in the business “Pahroos” it. You can set the stage for a faster sale and a higher price  by following these staging tips that are quick, easy, cheap and totally awesome.       

Remove the Bedroom Sex Appeal
Sex sells, but not in the boudoir. Make sure your bedroom appeals to both sexes and doesn’t look overly masculine or feminine. Choose a neutral paint color for the walls and decorative items, from lamps to
tchotchkes (spell that five times fast!)

Shelve the Clutter
According to the pros, clutter is an utter turn off to prospective buyers, so another rule of smart staging is to clean up your act. After that, shelve the clutter on your shelves themselves. Lisa Porter from HGTV online notes that, “there's a fine line between filling your bookshelves with clutter and staging them to sell. The trick is to arrange neutral items in clusters” she adds and “make sure that no single accessory stands out too much.” Precisely what the gurus at Pahoo Real Estate Appraisal were going to say, Lisa. 


Use the Golden Oldly, Unmoldly, Bathroom Wall Trick.
When it comes to new home buyers, grime is a crime and mold leaves them cold. Here’s a classic olden, but golden way to freshen up your the bathroom surfaces. Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach then spray away on walls and watch the mold vanish. 

Dish it Out (They Can Take it) 

Our modern bride here is really dishing it out. Instead of hiding her dishware, she’s proudly putting it on display. Staging consultants say that white dishes openly on display look fabulous and homey. Or arrange dishes in stacks by color and style. Home-selling wise, if you dish it out, it may help put a sale on your plate.

Steel Yourself for New Appliances
Studies show that new or spruced up kitchen appliances are “da bomb” (okay, a firecrackin’ good idea) that usually brings higher returns for your home improvement investment. For other cool ideas, check out “Your Best Remodeling ROIs” from the Pahroo Appraisal October articles series. A new stove and refrigerator are hot and cool ideas. Remember, spending dough today can pay off tomorrow.

Hook ‘em with Nooks
Go for good looks by exploiting and creating nooks. “Style at home” advises that, in small places, mirrors and flowers expand space and can get buyer wallets to open faster.

Lighten and Brighten it Up
Dark, dull, dingy, depressing rooms won’t get a potential buyer to close. You gotta’ open it up and let the sun in. Lift up the window coverings; pull aside the curtains; amp up the lamps; use light colors when you paint and forget the 50 shades of gray.  Finally, furnish with furniture that is lightly colored.

All these tips will lighten and brighten your chances for a sale. So let it be written and appraised for value—literally. And don’t forget to tune in for more tips next week on the Pahoo Real Estate Appraisal blog when the curtain raises on “Staging part deux.”


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