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February 20th, 2015 9:16 AM

Wednesday brought things to a close for RESNET 2015, “the premier national forum on home energy ratings, existing home retrofits, building codes and energy policy.” We here at PahRoo are proud to have taken part in the conference, with our president Michael Hobbs having spoken on a variety of topics including the ‘greening’ of America’s housing and sustainable building technologies. RESNET provided a platform for industry leaders to engage, collaborate, and mentor, with professionals focusing on building performance and the challenges and opportunities encompassing it.

During Michael’s presentation on Wednesday he explained that "Net Zero Energy benefits can result in a free home over total life of ownership". The innovations within the building industry are developing rapidly, and homes can now be built to produce as much if not significantly more energy as they consume. Offsetting your carbon footprint will not only make the air cleaner, but help your wallet as well, which is a fact that surprisingly enough hasn’t permeated the homebuyer, Realtor and appraisal industries.

"The appraisal and realty industries are filled with many individuals who lack green & energy efficient knowledge" says Michael. This is why events like RESNET play a very important role within the realms of construction and real estate. Throughout the conference there were a wide variety of “breakout sessions” scheduled, providing an opportunity to collaborate and mentor on a range of important topics.

Together with fellow experts, William Fay and Mike Collignon, Michael led an education session titled “Threading The Needle”. This session asked the question, How can the industry help reconcile code compliance, appraisals and financing? There are large concerns surrounding the undervaluation of energy efficient homes as well as, the lack of changes in HUD guidelines to focus on money saved on monthly utility bills instead of the cost of an efficient home. This topic was just one of dozens that was explored during the many diverse RESNET breakout sessions, further highlighting the importance of education, collaboration and mentoring. Michael summed it up perfectly when he said, "Lack of professional mentoring hinders industry quality, consistency, and replicability".

Throughout all of the meaningful presentations and sessions held this week, there was one topic that seemed to permeate the landscape at RESNET, water efficiency. According to Mike Collignon, “Water scoring is the next horizon of sustainability”. This vision of what is in store for efficiency measures is very much in sync with thought leaders industry-wide, with many looking at water efficiency as the next frontier. Our blog next week will explore the concerns surrounding water efficiency and some of the people that are taking important steps to address them.

A very warm thank you to everyone involved at RESNET 2015, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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