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Micro Apartments in Chicago
November 3rd, 2015 11:41 AM

Micro Apartments in Chicago

Although not for everyone, many renters are discovering the benefits of living small. Cities around the country are witnessing a surge in the construction micro apartments, and Chicago is most definitely one of these cities. Micro dwellings present an interesting opportunity to many individuals looking for a home. They make it a bit easier to become a first time homebuyer, and provide the opportunity to live in premium locations for less money than a typical apartment or home.

With so many people interested in the idea of micro living, we wanted to share with you the following three condos, which are all located in Chicago, and offer units that are under 500 sq ft.

Gateway West Loop - 11 S. Green St.

This 17 story rental tower features over a dozen units that are under 399 sq ft, and many others that range in size. The layout of these micro-apartments is essentially a bathroom encompassed by an L-shaped living quarters, with a galley kitchen abreast of the bathroom.

These spaces were designed for individuals who don’t spend a lot of their time at home, and instead are out working or being social (which tends to be young adults). These units are minimalistic, and are a great example of an apartment complex that chooses to offer micro-living options along-side their more commonly designed units.

Bush Temple of Music - 1025 W Sunnyside Ave.

This National Historic Landmark will be transformed into a series of micro-apartments by developer, Cedar Street Companies. It will contain apartments that range in size from 350-450 sq ft, with an aim of offering affordable prices to renters. In addition to the micro-living options provided, there are also plans for include commercial space, a fitness center, and a garden equipped with barbecues.

This project is one of many from Cedar Street and their brand ‘FLATS Chicago’, who aim to reinvent the Chicago apartment through a focus on micro-living.

Untitled Micro Apartment Complex - Printer’s Row

This 15-story apartment building was recently proposed by developers LG Construction and Development in Chicago. Aiming for the upscale market, these tiny apartments average 350 sq ft and feature high-end finishings and design. The plan outlines a goal of 90 rental units, along with 40 pre-furnished, extended stay hotel rooms. Additionally it boasts a large retail space, meeting rooms, work areas, and an outdoor garden roof.

As with other micro-apartments popping up throughout the city, these units are geared towards young professionals who want to pay less for convenient locations. This is the first new building proposed within Printer’s Row for the past few years and could reinvigorate the area.

If you are interested in learning more about micro-apartments, here is another recent article of ours which provides a great introduction to the lifestyle which is growing rapidly in popularity around the world.


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