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How to "Clean up" selling your home this spring
August 3rd, 2015 11:43 AM

Easy-Peasy Spring Things to Do to Boost Appraised Value

You’ve waited for the snow to melt and the selling season to begin, and now that spring has “sprung,” you want to show off your home’s interior in the best way possible. And that means “clean and clear, scrubbed and decluttered,” some appraisal expert uttered. You want it to “show” well, so show up soon with a vacuum and broom and…

Don’t mutter about de clutter

  • If you don’t regularly use it, remove it
  • If it hasn’t been used in the past 12 months, give it away.
  • If it’s broken or damaged, toss it – no time to repair.
  • Paperwork past its prime should meet the shredder
  • Think about temporary storage for furniture, Christmas decorations, out of season clothing and all that other stuff you don’t need

The Devil is in the Details

Attend to every little thing that may lower the valuation of your property in the buyer’s mind.

  • Make sure there are no telltale signs of water damage on walls and floors
  • Test all the faucets and watch for drips and leaks
  • Do the windows open easily – and stay open? Taking care of stuff like this could be a breath of fresh air. Speaking of breaths…

Take a deep breath: What do you smell?

There’s no faster way to get a buyer to turn up their nose at the prospect of buying your home than unwanted odors and smells. You can bake all the bread and cookies you want, but first make sure every room passes the sniff test.

  • Go after the sources of any smells, but forget about using overpowering air fresheners, which can trigger allergies in some people.
  • Go for bouquets of flowers, fresh from the greenhouse, or natural herbs – or apples!

Paint over that “Messterpiece”

If your interior walls are already painted with neutral colors in a matt finish, consider touching up the inevitable scuffs and scrapes. Try to look at the walls with fresh eyes – and retrace your own steps to see where you may have left your mark. If you or   one of your children “went paint crazy” in a room or two, get out the drop cloth and rollers and cover that “messterpiece,”er – masterpiece.

Would you eat off your own floor?

Do your floors get bad marks for scratches and dents and worn workwork? What about the kitchen floor? You’re in deep trouble if a no living creature would eat off it or could walk across it without tripping. Take a look down and around and floor ’em as follows.

  • Carpets should be shampooed and stains treated.
  • Thoroughly sweep, mop and shine hardwood and tile.
  • Repair or replace flooring that’s stained, damaged or plain worn out.
  • Hardwood floors should shine in the sun. 

Hey, this light switch doesn’t work!

Considering how little they cost and how crucial they are to feeling good about a place, make sure to replace, polish and shine all light switches and fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps and faucets, shower heads and cabinet hardware that comes up lacking. Enlighten yourself about switches that don’t work.

Nothing this small will get a buyer to appraise your home as not being worth it at all, but it could literally be a turn-off.  Hope Pahoo Appraisal planted a few good ideas to help more cash crop up if you sell your house this Spring.

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