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How can you go green and save money in your house
August 11th, 2016 11:48 AM

Going green and building more sustainable properties have been a trend throughout the real estate market recent years. The increasing cost of green is one of the challenging that people faced with when building a green property, but if we deal with this problem in a long-term way, the growing cost can be pay-off in the future.  

In what ways can you own a green and healthier home while saving your money for a long-term thinking? We will discuss in three aspects, which are energy, water, and material respectively.  

  • Energy 

a. Weather-stripping 

Almost half of your home’s energy cost is from heating and cooling. Thus, insulation of a house is very important for avoiding energy running away. Weather-stripping is very useful that keep your house saving energy. 

b. LED &CFLs 

Replacing the normal bulb into more efficient and saving LED or Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). You may save $75 each year only by changing the bulbs according the survey. Getting the same amount of light but cost less money, why not do so? 

c. “Smart” power strip 

Do you know you are using the electric when your devices are plugging in but they are off? A “smart power strip senses can help you save energy and money. 

d. Thermostat 

Using such a appliances can make you produce less carbon dioxides and live a healthier life. Avoid too cool in summer and too hot in winter can lower you bill to a large extent.  

  • Water 

  1. Low-flow Features 

Any low-flow features will allow you save a lot of water while keep you life qualify in a high level. For example, low-flow toilet and low-flow showerhead are two biggest way to save water. Toilet and shower takes most of you water usage in your life. In order to live green, low-low features should be considered.  

  1. Faucet aerator 

Other parts in your house that use water are faucet. Adding faucet aerators on faucet can conserve water while keep water pressure high.  

  • Sustainable Material  

  1. Bamboo 

Bamboo may be considered as great material when furnished a house. What’s more, it can be even much harder and durable than other normal material.  

  1. Recycled glass 

When choosing glass, a recycled one adds value to your house and keeps you a green living style.  

  1. Insulation 

Choosing a proper insulation material is very important. A good quality insulation material gives your home better condition on preventing running away of warm air or cool air as well as saving energy. Regular maintenance on insulation material allows you save money all the time. 

Moreover, a government program called ENERGY STAR, which points out those efficient appliances and material for you. It is good for people to choose those efficient materials when they are doing furnishing. Using lower energy but being more marketable helpyou to go long and be green.  


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