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Chicago Bulls unveil their new Practice Facility
April 26th, 2013 3:37 PM

The Chicago Bulls just unveiled their plan for a new $25 million practice facility to be built on the existing grounds of the United Center.  Last summer the Bulls announced that their plan is to build a new facility on parking lot J, right off Madison Street.

After their meeting with the Chicago Planning Commission, Michael Reinsdorf, President of the Bulls organization said, “Our players are young. They want to live in the city — just like I did when I was younger.”

The new facility will have a layered facade with opaque glass.   The opaque windows will fade upward from street level to the upper floors becoming more transparent.  Currently a team of 360 architects are working vigorously on the designs of the 60,000 square foot facility, which is replacing the Berto Center after the 2014 season.

Mr. Reinsdorf added, “It’s one thing for you or I to drive an hour to the games. When you’re expected to drive an hour or 90 minutes, then play in the game, it does drain your energy. But look — we’ve won plenty of championships in years where we practiced in Deerfield. For us, it’s more about taking advantage of everything the city has to offer.”

The issue still being addressed is whether the Bulls will receive an extension on their tax break, which could affect further plans for a $95 million project to turn the entire grounds into an entertainment complex.  First the $500 million Cubs Complex and now the Bulls; If we aren’t careful the entire city of Chicago will have a complex!

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