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8 Spring Maintenance Tips
April 15th, 2015 6:55 PM

8 Spring Maintenance Tips Chinese Version

All homeowners should be performing some degree of maintenance every year in order to ensure the longevity of their homes. Annual inspections are essential if you want to catch a problem before it becomes too serious and incurs significant costs. The best part is that  regular maintenance improves the value of a home, maximizing resale value down the line. For those homeowners looking for a place to start with maintenance this spring, here are our 8 tips...

  1. Roof Inspection

Your roof should be doing an excellent job of keeping the interior of your home nice and dry. In order to maintain that strong level of protection from the elements, make sure to thoroughly inspect your roof every spring for lost shingles, cracks, or buckles from weathering.  

  1. Chimney

If you’re home is equipped with a chimney, Santa and lost bats should not be the only ones examining it. Check for any signs of damage or growth within the joints and cracks. Additionally, hire a professional to come in and conduct a chimney sweep in order to keep it pristine.

  1. Attend to Plumbing

No better time than spring to check for clogged drains, leaky faucets, and sweaty pipes. Inspect all of your sinks for secure pipe and hose connections, as well as your dishwasher and washing machine connections.

  1. Clean Windows & Screens

Inspired by the beautiful bird songs, and budding flowers that spring delivers? Well then get outside (and stay inside) and clean those windows! You can utilize any number of store bought or homemade window cleaners to scrub down all of the gunk that collected on your windows and screens this winter. This also doubles as a great opportunity to check the seals around your windows and doors!

  1. Clean Gutters

The act of cleaning gutters seems to mark the changing of almost every season, and that is not because people love using ladders. Drainage issues can lead to flooding in your basement, and nobody wants that. Make sure that your gutters are clear of debris, and that downspouts are facing away from your home’s foundation.

  1. Pavement

Nothing says spring like the smell of fresh concrete and BBQ, and this tip has nothing to do with BBQ. Inspect any concrete on your property for cracks, and properly seal with caulk or concrete crack filler. Maybe this is the year to repave your driveway?

  1. Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors

Although this tip is not necessarily spring specific, we find it is easy to remember to add this step to the long list of spring maintenance items. Replace those batteries and ensure a positively charged spring!

  1. Inspect The Deck

What does spring maintenance have to do with Inspectah Deck from the NYC hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan? Well… nothing, we are actually referring to your home’s decks and patios. Take a close look for loose or warped boards that may need to be replaced. Additionally, sweep and power-wash your patio in order to remove any accumulated debris. This is also a great time to refinish, stain, or reseal your deck as well if the need is there.

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