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3 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster Using Technology
April 24th, 2015 8:31 AM

3 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster Using Technology Chinese Version

The many benefits provided through technology should not be ignored by anyone planning on selling their home. Advancements in marketing content and mobile applications have lead to increased consumer expectations, which show no sign of changing. In order to more easily meet these expectations, and even surpass them sellers should look towards technology. Here are three places to start when it comes to utilizing tech to help sell your home.

1 - High Quality Photos & Videos

In today’s visually driven society, the best place to start is photo and video content. Through creative  photography and videography, a seller can instantly set their home apart from others on the market. Even though the costs can be steep, obtaining this elevated caliber of content is easier and cheaper than it has ever been before.

A rapidly advancing method of capturing this high quality content is through commercial drones. As you may know from our article earlier this month, drones are being used throughout the world to capture unique and epic videos of high end homes for marketing purposes.

Drones are by no means the only option when it comes to high quality photos and videos of your home. The right professional photographer can do your home justice, and provide stunning images just the same. Whether equipped with access (and rights to operate) a drone or not, every seller should have high resolution photos to provide to potential buyers.

2 - 3D Content

The advancements being made in 3D imaging and mapping technology are leading to cool & creative innovations in real estate marketing. Elaborate 3D visual content provides potential buyers with the ability to really explore and plan a home without having to leave their current bedroom. This technology has a huge appeal among tech-savvy buyers who are beginning to expect a certain level of customer experience.

Innovations like these are what drives the growing expectations of consumers today, who want an easier and more intuitive process. For sellers looking to capture the hearts and minds of today’s demanding consumers, and stand out within the marketplace, look towards 3D content.

3 - Online Tools

The amount of useful tools available through the internet can seem endless, but many of them will be a huge help when it comes to selling your home. These tools come in 3 main forms:

  • Search Tools

A few commonly used online search tools include Redfin,, and Zillow. These platforms provide an great interface for sellers to post properties and relevant content, as well as for buyers to traverse the market.

  • Apps

New real estate apps are being designed every day, including search apps, map apps,and mortgage apps. A recent standout innovation comes from RealtyBeacon, which allows sellers to automatically send digital fliers to buyers who drive past their for sale sign.

  • Social Media

Sharing your listings through platforms like facebook & twitter, is a quick method of marketing that all sellers should utilize. Within these platforms, exists a free network of friends, family, and, community members that may be interested or know of someone who is.

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