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10 easy ways to get your home ready to be flipped
July 31st, 2015 7:03 PM
10 easy ways to get your home ready to be flipped

Please don’t appraise us as fibbers or flip out. Yes, this is an article about easier ways to “flip” your home if you bought it essentially to fix it up and sell it. But it’s equally about just plain selling your home faster and for more money.  Here are 8 viable tips that should assist you courtesy of Pahroo Real Estate & Consultancy and contributions from, Caroline Altman, ( and the HomeEstate Real Estate blog (

Bottom line? In order to boost your bottom line when you sell, you may have to spend a little money up front and certainly spend some time in preparing your home for sale. You ready to sale away? Here we go...

1. Set the Stage

It’s curtains for your asking price if you don’t make your whole house look warmer and more inviting. Set the stage by hiring someone like Caroline Altman, a professional stager who can make your home warm, inviting and appraise-worthy.

2. Clean up the Clutter

There’s a difference between a home that’s a masterpiece and one that’s a messterpiece. Messterpieces don’t command master prices. According to HomeEstates, clutter is the enemy of a quick real estate sale. It makes rooms look smaller and connotes lack of care for the property in general.  


 Use a home equity line or some other means of funding makeovers that get buyers to forkover more. We’re talking kitchen and bath renovations, granite countertops, stone tile, custom cabinetry, new appliances, new hardwood floors, recessed lighting, a finished basement. But be aware, not all these remodeling investments pay off equally. Check out our recent blog article, Appraising Your Best Remodeling ROIs for details  (LINK TO BLOG ARTICLE?) 

Style at Home says sprucing up the exterior and landscaping is essential. “Remove old or dying trees, bushes and flowers. Trim overgrown areas. Replace dead grass with fresh sod. Plant evergreens, wreaths and potted urns in winter, and colourful blooms in spring and summer. Use wood chips (try chocolate- or cedar-scented versions) or gravel to inexpensively cover large trouble areas. 

5.Paint like a Saint

Okay, you don’t have to turn into a Michelangelo, but if you want to raise the ceiling (ahem) on your sale price, we appraise that a coat of paint everywhere can do wonders. Our sources  recommend a light, neutral color to give your home a more open feel. Caroline Altman, the stager, says, “Don’t just paint the walls; paint everything—ceilings, closets, baseboards and interior doors. It will make the property feel brand-new.”

6. Get Those DIY Projects D.O.N.E
Most potential buyers don’t want a “honey-do” list looming before them when they move in. Half completed projects give buyers a start so start finishing projects you began at the turn of the century. 

7. Easy on the Personal Touches 

Most buyers won’t be thrilled if they see a safari motif in your living room. They want to imagine their own furniture in their new home, not Buffalo Bill’s. If you want a maximum price, keep your own personal taste and style to a minimum.

8. Show off Your Homes' Strongest Assets

What makes your home feel royally special? What was the one element in your home that really sold you on it when you bought it? Was it the Louis 14th diamond-studded chandeliers, or the foyer the size of a football field? or the “Go-for-Baroque” tapestry? Whatever it was or is, Style at Home says, “Find ways to accentuate that element.”

Finally, make sure you have a savvy real estate agent or better still, a brilliant, caring, experienced, dedicated, entrepreneurial, cognizant, contemporary
real estate appraisal company you can turn to for advice about how to crank up your home’s sale price.   

Blurb at End
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