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Selling you home due to Divorce? Who you gonna call?
May 15th, 2013 4:01 PM

Going through a divorce? Who ya gonna call… to sell your home?   I just made everyone sing “Ghosbusters!” in their head didn’t I?  Well, in real estate, divorce can create quite the scenario for agents and not all agents are up for the task.

Unfortunately, the situation can provide additional hurdles to jump over like additional locks to have access to, awkward conversations with couples on the outs, or no inter-communication at all.  There is always that chance of opposing sides making things difficult for the other party.  So, should you get 2 agents? 

No need for that, actually, there are brokers and agents that have made this a specialty of theirs, and their businesses have come to thrive on it.  One such partnership is Vicki Stout and Bob Bailey-Lemanski, brokering partners of New Jersey Real Estate Divorce Specialists.

Vicki is a widowed, single mother, and Bob is a divorcee.  They find that a bi-gender team has worked to their advantage and has allowed them to defuse many situations that are uncomfortable.  In fact, the dynamic duo says that it accounts for nearly 50% of their annual business. 

Stout and Bailey-Lemanski have found some creative ways to benefit these “at odds” homeowners through tax breaks on capital gains from the sale, but at the heart of their business is simply being able to handle a little bit more, sometimes a lot more, drama than the rest of the industry.

The fun part was figuring out how to get the word out, they said.  Bob commented, “But it is hard to advertise.  No one is going to go to our Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ divorce.”  Nor would business cards screaming the same thing be a hit either so they decided to rebrand themselves as the Family Focus Realty.

Other industry professionals in the same niche market agree that the D-word communicates a very different sale to a buyer, thus another challenge is keeping that “cat IN the bag.”  It would definitely give off the impression of desperation and reduce the possibility of fair offers.  However, sometimes it is unavoidable.  When buyers are asked to schedule separate viewing for different sides of the residence, it becomes obvious.   

Ms. Katzen of Douglas Elliman currently has divorcing clients who have agreed to buy apartments in same building just on opposite sides, hoping their child will cope with the sudden separation easier. 

Katzen added, “It’s quite selfless, really.  Some people would say, ‘Forget you! If I’m going out on a date, I do not want to run into you in the lobby.’ Talk about putting the child first.” 

I’m sure a little easier on the parents too.   

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