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Looking for student housing?
August 12th, 2016 3:16 PM

New semester is coming. Many international students come to US to attend top universities. Going to a new environment, one of the challenges you will encounter is to look for a satisfied place to live. Normally, universities provide accommodation only for freshman. Many students have to take time and look for housing. 

Below is a list for considering when you are looking for a house.  

  1. Transportation 

How would you like to go to school? How long will take you to go to school? Is it convenient for you to go to school? Questions here are the first important things to think about and that is why houses around universities are popular.  

  1. Safety & Convenient 

The biggest thing people concern is the safety of your house. Take an example of Chicago, some neighborhoods may not that safe. Crime rate is high. Students need to check its crime rate and do some research before moving in. If the house located in a safe neighborhood and has market and restaurant around that may be a good choice.  

  1. Rent 

Make sure you do some research on comparing the price of apartment or house because they have different based on their location and house condition. Some apartment may have very similar condition but big gap in rent due to many reasons. Also check the utility fee. Some apartments or landlords will provide utility without occurring of other fee. Some may not. Do not ignore utility because they can be a big amount.  

  1. Housing type & Roommates 

Decide what type of house you want to live. Apartment and house are two big options. By choosing apartment, people can decide number of their roommates or they want to live themselves. If they want to live in a house, normally, they would have roommates for sharing the rent for the whole house.  

  1. Furniture 

If students will live there longer, it is more economic for them to furnished the apartment or house themselves. A furnished apartment or house may cost a lot more than which is not furnished.  


Check comments come from previous leaseholder. They can provide you with truly condition of how the house looks like. 

  1. Pet 

Be aware of pet rule if your have pets or if you do not want pet to interrupt your life. Pet rules always can be found on their websites.  

  1. Contract 

Carefully read the contract before you sign it. Understand and protect your rights.  

Do enough research when choosing house is very important. In the following blog, we will introduce some popular living area around top universities in Chicago for students.  





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