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How to do social media successfully?
November 15th, 2016 10:01 AM

How to do social media successfully?

Social media is a platform for individuals or groups to exchange ideas or information via virtual communities and networks. In today’s time social media is one of the most powerful media to penetrate the market, if used with appropriate strategy. It takes a great deal of work, flexibility and consistency to be successful on social media.

Following steps can help yield maximum benefits from social media:

  • Determine the goal:

    It is very important to be clear with the goal of being on social network. We need to determine that what we are actually trying to achieve by means of social media. For instance;

  • Identify the targeted group

    Identifying the targeted group will help further planning. Here we need to determine, who are we trying to reach and where will we find them. For example, if we are into the business of kid’s healthcare products, their parents will be our target group. Or like Pahroo, if we are into property appraisal business, we need to figure out who is our target; different group for different types of appraisal. Also we need to research little more on them like what are they involved in on social media; just connecting with people, searching or following pages regarding their interest areas, or so on. What channel of social media is popular among which group; Facebook, twitter, etc.


  • Go deep, not broad

    Once we get clear with our goal and targeted group, it is beneficial to go deep than broad. That is, it is good to go deep in to the channels that our targeted group uses maximum and use it to its optimum level. Popularity on one media will help getting success in other medias. Hence, it is good to go specific with certain channels then being general on every channel.




  • Understand what customer craves for

    Research on what our targeted group is actually looking for. What are their key interests or what are their key problems? This will give us an insight of how to approach them.


  • Create engaging content

    Once target group and their key problems and interests are known, draft messages that can provide solution to their problems or can relate to their interest and keep them engaged. Create that engaging content in various form as follows:

    • Images
    • Blogs
    • Company news
    • Infographics, etc.


  • Set limits and benchmarks

    Once we are on track with content, it is time to set limits and benchmarks. It is time to decide how many and what posts on which social media channel. As discussed earlier, it is better to develop different types of content for different channels depending on the requirement of followers on particular channels. Hence, it is beneficial to be organized and clear about what to do and when to do. Also, it is necessary to set measures for success, that is setting benchmark. Depending on the goal, one will need to set what will be consider as a success for their social media activity. It can be anything from getting more likes (above certain numbers) to generate revenue by online sales.


  • Get the attention of Influencer

    Social media influencers are people who have their own small or large audience, like bloggers. They have very loyal followers and hence, it beneficial to get their attention. This can be done by sharing their posts on our channels without any expectations. By getting into their circle one can reach to the groups that might be very difficult to reach by own. Also, such connections help in building trust which is a vital factor for social media success.


  • Build meaningful relationship

    Now, after being clear with goal, targeted group and all the relevant inputs, we should focus on building connections and maintaining good relationship with them. Connections that feel good about being connected to you will directly or indirectly do better publicity for us resulting in many new connections. Hence it is important to connect and it is even more important to maintain healthy relationship with those connections. There are many ways to do it depending upon the focused group. Some of them are as follows:

    • Connect and collaborate: Connect with people and try to collaborate that is work jointly with them. One can try to build a platform where connections can also give their input regarding a common problem. This will help transforming our group into a virtual community. Such community will actually speak for us and help us achieve our goal.
    • Host social media events: Everyone likes to be a part of some or the other event. Hosting an event will bring all the connections or followers together and build a complete different kind of strong bond between the host and followers as well as each other. Events can be virtual or physical. Such events and post-event posts will attract more people.
    • Create loyalty by one-on-one participating: One-on-one participation makes people feel important. It spreads the message that importance is given on personal basis. Hence, one-on-one communication can make connections or followers loyal to the channel or page. Live chat windows, interactive posts; where people can give their opinion and then they get reply with their name mentioned in the reply, etc. form examples of one-on-one participation that will help create loyalty for the channel.


  • Keep money making activities in sight

It is important to stay focused on our goal. Depending on the goal and the strategy formed for the social media, one should use the results wisely to generate revenue or profit or money in general.


  • Track, analyze and improve

Continuous improvisation, innovation, etc. are always appreciated. Also, social media is a platform where things and circumstances change within the fraction of time. One will always need to adjust as per changing trends on social media. To be able to cope up with fast paced social media, one must keep track of all activities done on the platform; general as well as specific. Analysis is another important step towards improvisation. We must measure the results of our activities on social media using the metrics developed during strategy formation. On basis of the activities and analysis, it can be figured out that where and what kind of changes will help. Also such kind of tracking and analyzing gives room for trial and error experiments. Hence, finally keep on making relevant changes.

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