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How Important Is Your Home Inspector?
August 2nd, 2013 2:39 AM

How important is your home inspection when purchasing a home?  Well, most would agree it is very important.  There are so many aspects of home inspection that can affect you purchasing it, and determine whether you will renegotiate price.

Home inspection is typically the very next step after being qualified for a mortgage and receiving an accepted offer on a property you are interested in buying.  However, finding the inspector can be the challenging part.  The number of certified inspectors has dwindled significantly due to the economic downturn.  Illinois has approximately 1,400 inspectors for the entire state, so while the market is getting increasingly busier, many inspectors have very full schedules and can have very few openings.

Some inspectors encourage buyers to start researching home inspectors prior to finding a property and making an offer, keeping the last minute frantic search out of the equation.

Often times a realtor will recommend an inspector they have used before, and many buyers like to find their own.  The important part is to check their Certification.  Find an inspector that has your best interest at heart.  Many inspectors will actually have their license number readily available.  Researching an inspector’s license can be done at,

Richard Shaulis, of Your Home Inspector, Inc. in the Chicagoland area says that, “First and foremost I work for the client, not anyone else,” hence the company name.  “The safety and the well-being of my client, is not only physical, but financial.  If I make a major mistake or oversight can have a compounding effect on a 30 year mortgage for more than half of that term.”  

Richard also teaches home inspection at Triton College, in the suburbs of Chicago, and focuses on teaching his students the importance minimizing risk and “unending consequences” for the client, meaning consequences that will continue to require investment.

Educating the homebuyer is important especially when it comes to large repairs like the roof or structural support, as these can have significant impact on the price negotiations, but Shaulis also added, “noticing and pointing out simple repairs like an insufficient garage door sensor or a railing improperly installed can be fixed for pennies on the dollar most times and can make the difference in saving a child’s life.”

Homebuyers should feel free to ask as many questions that are necessary for them to feel knowledgeable about the purchase they are considering and to confirm that the price they offered to pay in the contract is reflected by the quality of the house uncovered in the home inspection process.  They should also keep in mind that a home inspection doesn’t uncover everything.  Maybe even consider a home warranty for those appliances and other items that don’t last forever.  

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